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20-63mm C-PVC Pipe Making Machine

HSJZ-51/105 C-PVC Plumbing Pipe Making Machine

 -- Co-Extrusion Marking Line 

This C-PVC Plumbing Pipe Machine is designed for 20-63mm Tube. Installed a 22kw driving motor, higher torque designed screw, will give production capacity 80-150kg/h.  Both Electric conduit and Water plulmbing pipe can be managed on this machine. Max. production speed for 20mm, can reach 10-12m/min. 

Main Machine list: 

.  HSJZ-51/105 Extruder(With Hopper Loader)

.  Co-Extrusion(With Marking-Line Design)

.  Vacuum Cooling Water Tank

.  Two Claws Traction Machine

.  Automatic Cutting Machine

.  Pipe Stacker

C-PVC Pipe

HSJZ-51/105 Conical Twin Screw Extruder

HSJZ-51/105 PVC Extruder

Vacuum Cooling Water Tank

200% shares of Calcuim used testing work, please refer to the above picture.

Pipe Mould

Main Explanation


3-LAYER ~ PVC Pipe Making Machine